SS15 Fair WGSN Trend notes

I’ve FINALLY gotten around to typing up my notes from the SS15 Fair and thought I would share a bit of this with you all. Firstly a bit about the 3 Macro Trends for AW16 from WGSN.

Social Superheroes is about how we are become more socially conscious and responsible for our actions and the effects it has on us, others and the planet. It explores mixology with discarded materials, cleverly spliced, stitched and patched together. There is less emphasis on print and pattern and more focus on the props, fixtures, structural aspects and the space in-between. The small element of print and pattern in this trend is simple and colourful – think painterly, organic stripes, tonal checks and blurred linear patterns. Colours are black, flame red, mixed with graffiti brights.

Data Divination is all about the growing concern for data protection. Fashion will increasingly reflect how “big data is being integrated in our everyday lives. The trend will display how numbers govern our lives, with designers seeking inspiration from sources as diverse as nanotechnology and the iChing along with modern Web-structures & decorative geometrics. Mysticism and eccentricity will be key themes, with dense patterns and metallic shades predicted. Print and patter is core to this macro trend with binary symbols contrasting against natures own patterns like marble.

Everyday Utopia is about how we want to escape and find a little bit of paradise everyday whether that’s taking pauses in the daily work routine, shorts breaks in nature, a return to traditional crafts in the evening or longer more meaningful experiences at the weekends. Ultimately this trend is about finding comfort in the familiar quality of everyday objects. This trend is clean and minimalistic, so colours are flawless like screen blues and brushed metal from Apple computer but also reflecting the outdoors with organic colours made from fruit dyes and naturals. Print and pattern is again simple with linear lines and natural graphic formation like rock.