Macro Trends for SS15

Well the Autumn/Winter 2014 Fair was as always full of amazing stands and creative people, but my goal this year was to attend the Trend Seminar in Hall 3. So Sunday morning at 8am I set off for my 2 1/2hr drive from Calderdale, West Yorkshire to the NEC, Birmingham. Its a long drive there and back in a day, but I do enjoy it.

So, to the Macro trends (by WGSN HomebuildLife) for SS15. These are FOCUS, HISTORY 2:0 &  BIO-DYNAMIC.

FOCUS is all about the importance of Photography, High Resolution imagery and seeing everything in High Definition for example water droplets or ripples on the water, texture and the exaggerated use of woodgrain, abstract dots, half tone dots, pixels, digital threads, etc. There’s also the influence of Atmospheric here; tinted or frosted, soft floral’s, transparency and layering. Its about turning away from technology and focusing on our surroundings. Colours are soft pastels, serene greens and yellows, bright whites with soft greys, pistachio.

History 2:0 is about real stories connecting Past & Future. Real animals providing prints in the form of detailed hand drawn illustrations, bone structure of animals and humans and the shapes this provides, shell fossils and the patterns they make. Iridescent surfaces provide colour against the use of wicker, stone and wood in this trend. Pattern is provided by nature or the past in Ancient patterns and symbols, botanical prints graphic in nature, slub yarns, fish and scale patterns. Butterflies and Dragonflies are still strong. Colours are varying shades of dark greys against stone white, ultra marine, violet, black, parchment and grey blues.

BIO-DYNAMIC is about how we understand form & structure within our own bodies. The imperfections, cell structure and the microscopic patterns that creates and the melting and metamorphosis of cells giving us fluidity. Moulding and the 3D imprints of things like leaves, footprints, etc. The growth and life-cycle of organic matter like mushrooms and the patterns it creates; fungus forms. There’s a very flat, bright & bold colour palette here, seamless, overlapping. Bold shapes and patterns on white bone or neon brights on black. 80’s retro kitch, abstract compositions, flat stripes and spots – I’m going back to my teenage years here!