Month: March 2017

Logo design for a therapist

Here’s another recent logo design I did for a client setting up as a therapist. Recently qualified, my client required a simple, clean logo reflecting calm and tranquility. After some discussion with my client I realised she wanted a photograph rather than an illustration and came up with this: I’m pleased to say she loved […]

FREEBIE day planner!

We all have a list of things to do everyday and sometime, sometimes we manage to get them all done and sometimes it feels like we get almost nothing done and ticked off our list. So I thought I would create a fun day planner for you to print out and write down the list […]

Who are your favourite artists?

Who are your favourite artists? I have a bit of an eclectic taste when it comes to artists. Amongst my favourites are: M C Escher, Kandinsky, Roy Lichenstein, Mondrian and Monet. I feel I’m drawn to the different ones that I like based on on my mood. Escher is when I’m being particularly detailed and […]

Experimenting with watercolours

I’ve been experimenting with Windsor and Newtons watercolour markers lately; looking to create some paintings for greeting cards and framed prints. Its been a while since I have painted by hand but wanted to share one of my first pieces with you: